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Seatronics successfully participate in Coastal Trident with Predator Elite ROV

The Seatronics Predator ROV performed exceptionally well throughout the Coastal Trident trials in June 2016.

Coastal Trident is an annual education and field experimentation exercise taking place throughout Southern California. The exercise is conducted to support evaluation of capabilities and identify areas for improvement for Counter-IED technology.

The Predator ROV faced a number of scenario based activities throughout the trial but successfully completed all challenges without issue. Attendees expressed great feedback about the system and explained how impressed they were with the capabilities of the Predator Elite ROV. Observers were also pleased to see that the suggested improvements and adaptations identified at previous law enforcement trials had been implemented, establishing the Elite system as a worthy solution for Public Safety “Bomb Squad UROV” operations in port and offshore environment. 

Predator ROV features such as the systems power, enhanced station keeping ability provided by SeeByte, ease of use and portability secure the Elite System as an efficient and effective ROV for IED projects.

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