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Predator ROV Demo Day Success for Seatronics Houston

Seatronics Inc hosted a demonstration day on 20th May 2016 at the Seanic Test Tank facility in Texas. The event was a great success attracting a number of attendees including Chevron, Intermoor, Aqueos Subsea and UTEC. 

The main objective of the demonstration was to showcase the capabilities of the Predator ROV and integrated Caviblaster. We were able to prove that the Predator ROV can manoeuvre efficiently with the Caviblaster attached and also show that the Caviblaster has the ability to clean without damaging the equipment being cleaned. 

We received some great feedback from all in attendance as they conveyed how impressed they were with the capabilities of the Predator ROV, sparking discussions regarding potential project opportunities and further demonstrations. 

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