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Seatronics Group invited to participate in Coastal Trident 2016 with Predator ROV Elite System

Coastal Trident is an annual education and field experimentation exercise taking place throughout Southern California. The exercise is conducted to support evaluation of capabilities and identify areas for improvement during scenario –based activities. Seatronics are delighted to have the opportunity for the Predator ROV Elite System to participate in the Regional Port and Maritime Security Program. 

The Predator ROV Elite System has been developed by considering requests from EOD and Bomb squads into a capable IED ROV. Features such as the systems power, enhanced station keeping ability provided by SeeByte, ease of use and portability establish the Elite System as an efficient and effective ROV for IED projects. 

This system is part of the first generation of smart ROVs that can seamlessly integrate with Tactical systems and other unmanned systems. We are really excited about the progress we have made.

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