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RTS Gen 5 MUX assists the reveal of WWII Shipwrecks

RTS Gen 5 MUX 3000TI-3HD systems were recently used as part of a spread to capture HD video and stills images of the World War II shipwrecks HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran in a joint Curtin University and Western Australian Museum expedition 200 km off the coast of Western Australia.The expedition has revealed further evidence regarding the ships that were destroyed in battle on November 1941 leaving over 700 casualties.

The MUX systems were supplied to Curtin University by our partner Seatronics Singapore.

Curtin University Research Engineer Andrew Woods commented: “The two Gen 5 MUX units we used on the two Triton XLX ROVs performed perfectly, and although we carried a spare for mission reliability purposes, we didn’t even need to access it".

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