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Chinese Search & Rescue Operation with Predator ROV

The Seatronics Predator ROV has recently been deployed for a search & rescue operation in Sichuan, China in early June 2016.

The objective of the mission was to survey a sunken leisure vessel that had been carrying 18 passengers when it capsized on Bailong Lake in Guangyuan city due to strong winds. The ROV inspected the wreck site where it captured images of ship artefacts at around 65.1m depth. Visibility was poor during the operation but the imaging sonar assisted the Predator ROV to verify identification in efficient time. The vehicle established the position of the sunken vessel providing crucial information for the diving team to conduct the next phase of the retrieval.

Bob Qiann, Subsea Superintendent of S.B Submarine Systems, operated the vehicle throughout the search & rescue project. Qiann reported that the vehicle functioned efficiently during the mission and continued to operate well late into the night.

The project was a great opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Predator ROV to the search and rescue teams in the vicinity. 

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