SeaMesh IP Mesh Comms

SeaMesh provides a high capacity wireless mesh network system between vessels operating at sea. SeaMesh can be used to exchange video, system data, voice and general network traffic between suitably equipped vessels.

The SeaMesh system is a Wireless Mesh IP communications system designed specifically for operation at sea. SeaMesh allows up to 12 vessels to share IP traffic in a wireless mesh network. A capacity of up to 8Mb/s is offered by SeaMesh enabling broadband communications to enabled vessels. The SeaMesh network is self forming, fluid and self healing, there is no central point of control. Each link within the SeaMesh network can be up to 10km in distance. SeaMesh can exchange any type of typical network traffic, including voice, video and general IP.

SeaMesh consists of a rugged outdoor unit with simple mounting arrangements and a simple indoor interface unit which supplies power, network interfaces and is equipped with two IP video encoders. The indoor unit provides user feedback on network and wireless performance. The indoor and outdoor unit are connected via a single 50m cable supplied with the system. The SeaMesh is the ideal solution for connecting vessels performing combined operations such as complex drilling operations, oil spill recovery or sea bed operations and surveys.


  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • Fluid and self healing
  • Up to 8Mb/s of traffic
  • General IP traffic supported
  • Up to 10km range on a link
  • Ideal for joint operations
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to operate

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